The home you live in and the one you plan on buying is an investment. If you do not agree with that you do not want me as your RealtorĀ®. You may want a vacation home that you will never want to rent out, or a home to retire in that you never plan to sell, but real property is about ownership and equity. If you only want to a place to live you can rent the nicest homes in California for substantially less than the current cost of ownership. Homeownership is a wager on future appreciation. If you are a first time homebuyer or want something very specific, I highly recommend Sarah Dupree ( Like me she is an attorney as well as an agent and broker but she also has 25 years of experience. My clients on average own more than five homes and or buildings, and have a net worth well over 10 million dollars. I am happy to work with people with much less, or much more, but I can bring the most value to the sophisticated buyer who is not looking to have their hand held, but find exactly what they are looking for at the best price and complete the transaction quickly and efficiently, with integrity. If that sounds like you, contact me and let me begin building that trust that has earned me my clients for life.